Things got very interesting during the Queen's birthday dinner, and now, following the surprise engagement announcements, illicit secret affairs and confessions of all kind, the consequences of what happened will begin to play out on Season 4, episode 7 of "The Royals," titled "Forgive Me This My Virtue."

The birthday dinner not only saw Robert (Max Brown) and Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) announce their engagement on the E! Series but also saw Eleanor (Alexandra Park) finally letting Jasper (Tom Austen) in on her secret missions as the mystery Robin Hood leaving expensive gifts around all of London. Meanwhile, after a meaningful moment at dinner, Jasper's attempt to rebuild his broken relationship with his father completely ended, following the confession that his own flesh and blood was the one who shot him and nearly killed him in South London.

Now, things will be in full swing as the royal wedding is planned, and Jasper and Eleanor will find themselves at odds as well when the scheme to do good starts raising some questions. Here are three things that will happen on the April 21 episode.

Willow Gets A Lesson About Her New Image

In what could seem like the show's way of giving a nod to current royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle, Willow will quickly learn in the episode that being free of scandal and a respectable young woman isn't going to be enough when she's introduced to the public as their future Queen. After Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) summons her, she will realize just how much work will go into crafting the right image—including changing the story of how her love story with Robert came to be, as well as her wardrobe.

Jasper Doesn't Approve Of Eleanor's Missions

Meanwhile, Jasper is going to be taking issue with Eleanor's missions as the secret Robin Hood who has been dropping priceless gifts on the doorsteps of those less fortunate. While he understands why she wants to do it, he will express concern when he notices an injury on her arm and will remain firm that she needs to stop what she's doing, because it's far too risky. Naturally, Eleanor will disagree, and the passion between the two will ignite and change their conversation--at least, for the time being.

Helena Suspects A Lack Of Loyalty In Her Staff

After noticing a gold pen goes missing, Helena will quickly round up her staff to try and determine who snagged the expensive item As she questions them and threatens them in the hopes of learning the alleged thief's identity, Eleanor will interrupt. Though she doesn't seem to be willing to reveal if she swiped it as one of her Robin Hood gifts, she will realize her mother's reaction is about just a little more than a missing writing utensil.

"The Royals" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on E!

The Royals
The consequences begin to build for the royal family on Season 4, Episode 7 of "The Royals."  E! Entertainment