Buxom blonde Kate Upton is one of the most recognizable models in fashion, but a lookalike photo of the Sports Illustrated star is making it hard for fans to tell the difference between the real deal and her doppelganger.

On Upton’s second SI cover, she went Arctic for the annual edition, trading in swimwear for a fur-lined coat. Imitators have began to do the “Kate Upton,” posing similarly and posting the photos to the Internet.

But there’s one girl out there who really impressed the 20-year-old beauty: Russian native Ania.


The blonde hasn’t revealed her last name, but after tweeting a lookalike photo of herself to Upton she seems to have garnered a little bit of game.

The SI model posted the picture on her Twitter account writing, “Amazing” on Sunday. The photo soon went viral, with Ania recieving hundres of emails because of her resemblence to Upton in the photo. 

Just like Upton, 22-year-old Ania is wearing a white parka with nothing else underneath.


There is a little drama surrounding Ania, however. The Huffington Post described her as a “mail order bride in training,” but it must have been a joke that got out of hand once thousands of people began to look at her Twitter. 

In the days preceding the viral lookalike photo, Ania wrote on her page:

“Just a show of hands: who actually thinks I'm a mail order bride?”

When one person responded, “*slowly starts to raise hand. but then quickly acts like he's scratching his back*” she tried a new tweet:

“Alright, let's try this again. Contrary to popular belief I am not a mail order bride. The Huffington Post is not always correct.”

Swim Daily caught up with the Upton lookalike to find out more about her.

The Russian beauty explained to the website she had been told she resembled Upton in the past, but when the Antarctic SI issue came out she knew a lookalike photo had to be done.