Meghan Markle
Ruthie Henshall advised Meghan Markle to not quit acting. Pictured: Markle and Prince Harry attend a Wheelchair Tennis match during the Invictus Games 2017 at Nathan Philips Square on Sept. 25, 2017 in Toronto Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Meghan Markle has decided to turn her back on her career due to love, but Ruthie Henshall thinks this is a bad idea.

Henshall, Prince Edward's ex, recently said she believes that it is unnecessary for Markle to give up acting just because she might marry Prince Harry. The actress is at the peak of her career thanks to her role on USA Network's "Suits." But rumors recently claimed that she is not returning for the next season and will be moving to London for good to be with Prince Harry.

"It should be about love not duty and I think it [Harry and Meghan] could work and be rather wonderful," Henshall told Daily Mail. "But the issue is whether she has to give up acting — and she's a very successful actress by all accounts. I do think she will find it hard."

Henshall shared her own thoughts and experience to highlight why she believes it could be disadvantageous for a woman to give up her career. According to the five-time Olivier Award nominee, she would never turn her back from her career despite her romance with Prince Edward because it would make her "unhappy."

"It never would have been an option for me to do so — my career is my first love and is such an important part of who I am," Henshall explained. "I would have been unhappy."

Meanwhile, Markle has reportedly already decided to move to London. According to reports, the "Horrible Bosses" star has moved her pet dogs to the UK, which could be another sign that she is indeed leaving Toronto.

"She is very close to those two dogs. She lets them sleep on her bed and they eat only the highest quality organic food," one source said. "She bought them Union flag dog jumpers to keep them warm when they were puppies. She misses them when she is away and will even get someone to FaceTime her with them."

Multiple sources have claimed that Markle is moving to London in November after she wraps up her role in "Suits." At the time, the actress was already in her final days in the series and would not be returning for a potential Season 8. Her onscreen partner, Patrick J. Adams, has also decided to depart the show.

Markle and Adams filmed a wedding scene for the finale of "Suits" Season 7. The production has decided to wrap up Rachel Zane (Markle) and Mike Ross' (Adams) romance with marriage.

Markle taking on a bridal role in the series is making her fans excited. They are expecting her to be a real-life bride soon when she ties the knot with Prince Harry.