It looks like Ryan Gosling is the latest celebrity to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women. The movie producer has worked with a majority of Hollywood’s elite and has quickly fallen from the pedestal he was once held upon.

On Thursday, Gosling tweeted out a statement slamming Weinstein for his unacceptable behavior.

“I want to add my voice of support for the women who had the courage to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, Like most people in Hollywood, I have worked with him and I’m deeply disappointed in myself for being so oblivious to these devastating experiences of sexual harassment and abuse,” he wrote.

Gosling, who is a father to two girls, has previously shared his overwhelming support of women for their strength, and encouraged men to support females in order to make a change, a sentiment he repeated in his comments against Weinstein.

“His is emblematic of a systematic problem. Men should stand with women and work together until there is real accountability and change,” he added before ending his statement.

This is not the first time Gosling has shown his support of wome.  In June 2016, the actor told Glamour that he believes females are better than men. “I think women are better than men. They are stronger. More evolved. You can tell especially when you have daughters and you see their early stages, they are just leaps and bounds beyond boys immediately,” he said.

Several actresses and models, including Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and more, have accused Weinstein of acting inappropriately towards them, promising movie deals in exchange for sexual favors.

Following the allegations made, several stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Blake Lively, George Clooney, Kate Winslet, and even politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, have slammed Weinstein for taking advantage of women in the entertainment industry.

Weinstein’s behavior quickly resulted in his termination from his own company. “In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company ... have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,” The Board of Directors of The Weinstein Company said in a statement.

Since the allegations of sexual harassment and assault have surfaced, Weinstein was reportedly expected to enter into rehab.  The movie producer’s camp initially planned on having him check into a rehab facility overseas for behavioral issues that include sex addiction, according to TMZ. Weinstein was scheduled to fly to Switzerland on Tuesday but it was eventually decided that he would attend a stateside facility.

Weinstein was expected to check into The Meadows facility near Wickenburg, Arizona and participate in the Gentle Path program which requires  45-days of inpatient treatment. The program has patients with sex addiction issues participate in expressive arts therapy, meditation, yoga, intensive counseling and equine therapy.

However, since leaving Los Angeles on Wednesday Weinstein’s plane reportedly landed in Scottsdale, Arizona, and his rehab plans are now unclear.