“Salem” Season 3 ended with several characters being visited by the Grim Reaper. WGN America

Before watching the series finale of WGN America’s “Salem,” all we were worried about was the red mercury that would obliterate the city. However, it turns out that the red mercury was the least of the people’s problems.

Here is what happened in “Salem” Season 3, episode 10 “Black Sunday”:

Hello Big John

The episode begins right where we left off last week with John Alden (Shane West) still trying to figure out how to stop the devil’s clock which holds the red mercury. The clock is ticking and Salem has only a few minutes left before it’s turned to ash.

In the Sibley house, little John/the devil (Oliver Bell) is happy to be back. He reminds Mary (Janet Montgomery) that in a few moments it will be her wedding day. He is pleased with Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) and asks her to fetch her husband Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel).

Anne goes to her house and breaks the mirror that holds Cotton. When he’s back in the Sibley mansion, the devil presents Cotton with a choice: Sacrifice his soul for Salem. He will spare the lives of everyone in the city if he surrenders his soul to him. All he has to do is walk inside the room that leads to hell.

Cotton willingly sacrifices himself to save Salem. In fact, he prefers it to living with his wife who has become an irredeemable character at this point.

Thanks to Cotton’s sacrifice, the devil dissolves the red mercury and Salem is saved! Unfortunately, the priest’s soul will now rot in hell for eternity.

However, Cotton’s sacrifice also helped the devil. In a truly horrific scene, a man emerges from little John’s back. His limbs and body wither away as a young man stands before Anne and Mary. The devil needed the sacrifice of a truly great soul (such as Cotton) in order to quicken his life force. Little John became Big John thanks to Increase Mather’s son.

Now Big John can copulate with his mother Mary. Ew.

It’s Sebastian Marburg Vs. John Alden

Back in Thomas Dinelys’ (Marilyn Manson) barber shop, Sebastian Marburg (Joe Doyle) is determined to kill Alden. His broken heart wants to torment Mary for choosing the Captain over him.

Sebastian may be a powerful witch but Alden is a skilled soldier. At first it seems like Sebastian will win but Alden quickly overpowers him and kills him.

John Alden (Shane West) fought with Sebastian Marburg (Joe Doyle) in the “Salem” Season 3 finale. WGN America

Sebastian uses his dying breath to tell Alden that he really loves Mary. He regrets plotting her destruction and urges the Captain to save her.

The Countess Is … Back?

Mary isn’t looking forward to being her son’s bride. She begs Anne to spare her the torture of bedding her son. Surprisingly, Anne says she has a plan. She takes Mary to her mother’s crypt. Once there, she slashes Mary’s skin and feeds her blood to the Countess. Then, she puts Mary in bed.

What did the Countess do to Mary? Well, she swapped bodies. The Countess now inhabits Mary’s body and Mary is now in the Countess’ body.

The Countess, in Mary’s body, beds Big John.

Anne Has A Plan

The main villain of “Salem” Season 3 was never the devil or The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin). It was Anne. She wants to be the last witch and leader of Salem. She uses Alden’s angel dagger to kill the devil in exchange for sparing his and Mary’s life. They must leave Salem and never come back.

Anne tells the devil that she will resurrect him again using Cotton’s child as his host. However, she will be his mortal bride, not Mary.

Then, Anne asks Isaac (Iddo Goldberg), who gets freed by Mercy (Elise Eberle) when an angry mob gathers outside her brothel, to be a part of her new world. She will make him the magistrate of Salem. Isaac wants no part of her new world. So she orders the angry mob in Knocker’s Hole to kill him. We don’t see if he died or survived in “Salem” Season 3, episode 10, but it’s safe to assume that he did.

Anne also meets Tituba (Ashley Madekwe). She removes her Seer powers, silences her by eliminating her mouth and imprisons her on a ship filled with slaves.

The powerful Marburg witch also kills her mother while she is bedding Big John.

Then, Anne also kills Mercy and her husband Hathrone (Jeremy Crutchley). She is certainly on a killing spree.

Anne Is The New Leader Of Salem

The next day, Anne gives a passionate speech in the church about how Salem has been ruled by witches so far. But now, in this new world, they will ensure that no witch remains in the city and that they cleanse the world of witchcraft. Later, we see a shot of a dressed up Anne holding her familiar Brown Jenkins and sitting on a throne. Anne is the boss of Salem.

Fortunately, Mary and John get the ending they deserve. When Anne killed her mother, Mary’s body returned to her. She escapes Salem with the love of her life, John Alden. The two walk away for the city hand in hand.

Now it’s your turn: What did you think of the last episode of “Salem”? Was it satisfying? Share your thoughts below.