Jennifer Finnigan as Grace, Santiago Cabrera as Darius
Darius (Santiago Cabrera) and Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) meet Russia’s minister of Defence in Season 1, episode 7 of “Salvation.” CBS

Darius (Santiago Cabrera) and Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) are going out of the country for a very dangerous mission in next week’s back-to-back episodes of CBS’ “Salvation.”

According the synopsis for Season 1, episode 7, Darius and Grace slip off to Russia behind Harris’ (Ian Anthony Dale) back in an attempt to stop a potential nuclear conflict between the US and Russia.

“Grab your passport and a pair of comfortable shoes. We’re going to Russia,” Darius tells Grace in the trailer for the upcoming episodes.

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Darius and Grace land in Russia safely, but when the airport security identifies who they really are, several men in uniform start to point their guns at the pair. The tech billionaire and the Pentagon press secretary are taken to Russia’s minister of Defence, who tells the pair that they have to prove they’re worthy of trust. The minister makes Darius and Grace drink something which seemingly contains a substance the duo should be worried about.

“What have you done to us?” Darius asks the minister shortly after taking the mystery drink.

Both taken captive, Darius and Grace grow closer to one another. In fact, at some point in the trailer, the two are seen passionately kissing each other.

Elsewhere in episode 7, according to the synopsis for the hour, Liam (Charlie Rowe) seeks solace in Amanda (Shazi Raja) following his split from Jillian (Jacqueline Byers). The trailer, however, reveals that the MIT grad student is just playing with the journalist’s feelings to find out how much she knows about the strained partnership between Tanz Industries and the government.

In the promo clip, while making out with Amanda over dinner, Liam secretly grabs her phone and scans its content using a device.

As to what will happen in episode 8, the episode synopsis reveals that Darius and Grace must find a way to escape from Russia after they are framed for murder. Liam, meanwhile, tries to convince Jillian to come back to Tanz Industries.

“Salvation” Season 1, episodes 7 and 8, airs back-to-back on Wednesday, Aug. 16 starting at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS. Watch the trailer below: