Sam Heughan shared a new picture online, and the fans love it. The actor is currently busy with “Outlander” Season 5 duties, but he takes time out to interact with the fans online from time to time by sharing pictures online.

Heughan’s most recent post on Instagram shows him leaning against a car. The actor wore a blue checkered shirt on top of a white t-shirt  and a dark blue jeans in the picture.

“Forgot to get gas,” Heughan jokingly captioned the post. Reacting to the post, some of the actor’s fans offered to help him by driving over, while others just said how “gorgeous” he looks with the car and the background scenery.

Heughan got a few weeks of break after filming “Outlander” Season 4 and his new movie “Bloodshot.” The actor used this time to travel and enjoy the short break before heading back to start the preliminary work for the next season of the time-travelling TV series.

Among the things Heughan did during his time off was go hiking. The actor shared a picture of his recent hiking journey on Instagram, and expressed his gratitude for the adventures he had.

It has not been all fun and games for Heughan during his break. The actor has also kept himself busy by working on his very own whiskey bran through his Great Glen Company. He was there in Nashville during his break to try out different flavors of the juice his company has been experimenting with, and in an Instagram post the actor teased that there are “exciting times ahead.”

Heughan’s visit to Nashville wasn’t announced beforehand, which meant that “Outlander” fans didn’t get a chance to interact with him there. Among the other places that he visited in the U.S. during his brief visit was the late singer Elvis Presley’s mansion Graceland.