Following in the footsteps of Amazon, South Korean companies Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are now planning to open their artificial intelligence platforms to third-party manufacturers. This move is expected to not only help them business-wise, but it could also make Bixby and Deep ThinQ ubiquitous. 

On Monday, South Korean news site Etnews reported that Samsung and LG are to open their AI platforms to outside developers that are interested in incorporating Bixby and Deep ThinQ into their upcoming devices. This is seen as Samsung and LG’s way of catching up with what Amazon did to its Alexa platform. 

There is no definite date yet on when can third-party developers have access to Samsung and LG’s AI platforms. However, industry sources claim that this is going to happen soon. Besides, both tech companies have previously expressed their plans to do this as soon as possible. 

“As we made an announcement at last year’s Samsung Developers Conference that we are going to make Bixby’s ecosystem public, we are going to open up Bixby’s source code and others shortly,” a Samsung representative said.

An LG representative also alluded to opening the company’s Deep ThinQ platform to outside developers when he said, “If we decide that there are many needs from outside developers towards Deep ThinQ, we may look into opening up Deep ThinQ.”

Both Samsung and LG have previously said that they are rolling out their AI technologies to all of their businesses, so that all of their products could benefit from them. They have already included Bixby and Deep ThinQ in their new TV lineup and just recently, their new air conditioners

“Although their AI platforms are currently used only within their respective companies, they are going to be made public in a long-term,” a tech industry source said. “This will open up a way for many groups and businesses to join AI ecosystems.”

While it is certain that Samsung and LG are planning to open their AI platforms to local or neighboring companies first, foreign companies can also adopt Bixby and Deep ThinQ for their products in the long run. The goal after all is to catch up with Amazon’s Alexa, which has now been adopted by many home appliance manufacturers.