Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 smartphone is displayed during a media event in Seoul, South Korea, April 13, 2017. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has recently been marred by a problem of "missing" texts, with owners across different carriers and across the world complaining they didn't receive messages intended for them on their devices.

While unlike the Note 7 crisis, the user’s physical safety is not at risk, the bug is causing serious inconvenience, which has users complaining on platforms such as Reddit.

“I'm missing a few messages. Galaxy S7 Edge, Android Messages app, AT&T. It caused me to drive an hour out of my way to an event that was cancelled via a text that I didn't receive,” a user going by the name Turbomuffler complained on a Reddit thread.

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The glitch seems to be software related, and could be rectified by an update, but that will only happen when Samsung acknowledges the issue, which it hasn’t done yet.

Meanwhile, some users are also complaining they are missing calls too.

Some users reported that the issue emerged after users turned off their Bluetooth on Sept. 12, when news of a BlueBorne bug, which uses Bluetooth to hack into smartphones came out.

The problem is not that the text messages are not being displayed, but that they are not getting through the smartphone’s system at all.

It is also not carrier based, since customers from all carriers, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile, are all facing the problem.

The issue also takes place no matter whichever SMS app you use, whether it is Samsung's stock app, the Android texting app, or third-party apps such as Textra or Pulse. The problem seems to be occurring across the globe and people have been complaining about the issue on the thread even from France and Australia.

Some users state that this could be a device maintenance issue.

Device maintenance might put text messaging to sleep if the app drains battery life, and removing this app from sleep mode might help resolve the issue. Others indicate that it could be an issue with the device’s bands which might be searching for frequencies and missing text messages.

However, if we go by the thread, it might have occurred because of issues with Samsung advanced messaging option. Disabling advanced messaging and switching to Android Messages might prove to be a solution. Some other users have even suggested turning off Wi-Fi calling. Sometimes, users might get messages after rebooting the device.

Samsung is yet to respond to the issue — in fact, the company hasn’t yet acknowledged it. However, the company has generally been slow to respond to such issues. However, the company might be silent, because it is going to issue the biggest update of the year — the Android Oreo update for its devices, which could provide bug fixes and solutions to such issues.