Recent reports suggest that Samsung may release a model of the Galaxy S9 that features a 4-inch Infinity Display with an 18:9:5 aspect ratio and no physical home button. The device may be called the Galaxy S9 Mini, according to Valuewalk. The report is based on an anonymous claim that Samsung has plans to release a device with an infinity display size below 5-inches.

The impending 2018 release cycle would be an interesting time for Samsung to release a 4-inch smartphone, considering its current smallest flagship features a 5.8-inch display. Samsung has shied away from smaller displays for some time after it began using its curved display design to put larger displays on smaller device frames.

Samsung has previously released several Mini models of its flagship devices, featuring smaller displays and truncated specs in comparison to their high-end counterparts. The intent of these models was to offer a cheaper device with the flagship name. The last Mini model released was the Galaxy S5 Mini in 2014. Rumors of Mini models have followed the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 devices, but not such models have ever released.

Samsung’s strategy for several years has been focused more on higher-end and more expensive device models for U.S. consumers. Outside of standard and Plus models of its flagships, Samsung also markets its Active smartphone line to American consumers.

Samsung originally released a Galaxy S8 Active model on AT&T in August and has since released the device on Sprint and T-Mobile. The Galaxy S8 Active, which includes a rugged design and military-grade protection features sells for roughly the same price as the flagship Galaxy S9 models. While there are no rumors currently surrounding a Galaxy S9 Active model, such a device is more likely to release in 2018 than a Galaxy S9 Mini.

There are currently a host of rumors surrounding the Galaxy S9 flagship version, with reports suggesting the device could be announced during Mobile World Congress in February 2018. However, no details about any of Samsung’s 2018 device have been confirmed at this time.