Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew reportedly dubbed one member of the royal family their secret son. 

A tabloid claimed that the Duke and Duchess of York had Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie first before they tried having a baby boy and failed. But since the former couple really wanted to have a son, they decided to direct their gaze at Peter Phillips.

Prince Andrew and Ferguson reportedly consider Phillips their surrogate son, and the parents of the two princesses reportedly developed a close relationship with Phillips after Princess Anne and Mark Phillips divorced in 1989.

“Fergie and Andrew have often called Peter their little boy. They were incredibly close and he was like the secret son they never had… They love their daughters so much, but they always loved the idea of having a baby boy in their lives – it was their one regret that they didn’t try for another baby in the hope he would be a boy,” a source said.

Following their divorce in 1996, Prince Andrew and Ferguson realized that they could no longer have a son. But even after their split, the couple has remained close and they also co-parented their two daughters.

Several years ago, Ferguson sat down for an interview and revealed that she and Prince Andrew thought about remarrying each other but they decided to not push through with it because of Prince Philip.

And in 2010, the mom of two said that if only she and Prince Andrew would be given the chance, they would stand up to those who tried to break them apart.

“Both Andrew and I… both of us say now if we could go back, we would definitely play it differently and we should have learned how to play the chess game differently. And maybe we have still been together because we would have said ‘no’ to being separated just after our wedding,” she said.