Some politicians say believe the entertainment media has a not-so-hidden love affair with President Barack Obama  -- and a skit mocking the president that was cut from Saturday Night Live seems to support the theory.

Over the weekend SNL had another skit planned to air depicting President Obama giving a press conference about the one-year-anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The skit was supposed to mock President Obama and show him taking all the credit for the mission.

I hope you had a safe and joyous first anniversary of his killing, says Fred Armisen aka President Obama. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be at home this year, as I had to fly to Afghanistan, to remind President Karzai that, exactly one year ago, we killed Osama bin Laden, and that the decision to do so was a gutsy one and was mine.

Now tonight, I want to talk to you about the economy, Armisen continued. But first, a little more about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Why is it that Mitt Romney refuses to join the rest of his fellow Americans in commemorating the first year anniversary? Does he think that killing Osama bin Laden wasn't the right thing to do or that it wasn't 'gutsy?''

The skit was written by Jim Downey and there was no explanation given for why it was scrapped, although not all SNL skits make the final cut -- some do not test well with rehearsal audiences or are adjusted to fit the actor's schedules.

In place of the killing Osama bin Laden skit, SNL did a skit mocking Fox News' partisan coverage. In the skit, Armisen takes aim at some of the hosts on Fox & Friends.

Shame on President Barack Obama, who is running a campaign ad that argues that Mitt Romney would not have made the decision to launch the raid, Taran Killam, who portrayed Fox personality Steve Doocy said.

Bobby Moynihan, playing Fox host Brian Kilmeade, piped in can name one person who wouldn't have launched that raid: Barack Obama!