SaunaBar is LA's premier private transformation spa featuring infrared sauna detox and rapid, all-natural weight loss programs. SaunaBar
SaunaBar opened in Brentwood Gardens in October 2016 SaunaBar

January is all about resolutions and getting healthy is always No. 1.

SaunaBar, which opened in Brentwood in October, is the holistic home for infrared sauna detox and personalized transformation in Los Angeles with the use of cutting-edge technology. By focusing on weight loss, anti-aging, relaxation and detoxification, the operation aims to awaken each client’s limitless potential by elevating awareness and perspective of what “whole health” really means.

Check out five ways SaunaBar can boost your health in 2017.

The beds are lined with 440 jade stones, which adds a powerful healing component to your sweat experience. In contrast to infrared wraps or wood saunas, jade stones are not porous. This protects you from bacteria exposure and provides you with a cleaner sweat experience. SaunaPods

#1. Infrared SaunaPods

The SaunaPod is a modern-day evolution of infrared wraps and wood saunas. Each SaunaPod has its own private room where guests can detox and sweat out toxins in the comfort of an open-air breathing chamber. The infrared light therapy acts via a healing biofeedback mechanism creating a divine transcendental experience.

SaunaBar has implemented Magneceutical Health’s latest magnetic resonance therapy system, the Magnesphere, a cutting-edge piece of machinery that utilizes electromagnetic fields to “enhance feelings of relaxation.” SaunaBar

#2. Magnesphere

In LA, energy healing such as the use of crystals or Reiki, isn't uncommon but SaunaBar's Magnesphere (magnetic resonance therapy) is the ultimate high-tech healing treatment. As guests sit in a space-like chair where invisible electromagnetic field surrounds them, realigning the body's cells on a molecular level. Magnetic Resonance Therapy helps in relieving pain, stiffness and stress. It also can aid us on a mental and emotional level.

Lymphatic Compression Massage
By addressing symptoms of swollen Lymph Nodes You can improve your body’s ability to protect itself. Therefore, regular lymphatic drainage massage helps keep you disease-free. Lymphatic Compression Massage

#3. Lymphatic Compression Massage

Sit back and allow yourself to sink into deep relaxation while lymphatic compression massage creates waves of undulating pressure along your entire body. Target toxins and fatty molecules congesting and clogging the lymphatic system. The pneumatic lymphatic compression massage aids the body in migrating fluids through the lymph system, unclogging pathways, migrating waste products and eliminating stress, effectively lowering acidic stress hormones (cortisol). The involuntary, wave-like constriction and relaxation of muscles inside your body. The Pneumatic Compression Machine simulates this peristalsis by using repetitive inflation and deflation (by way of an air pressure device). This helps your body drain lymph fluids and, in turn, can produce many benefits, including the removal of toxins, improved circulation, cellulite reduction, accelerated weight loss and the reduction in the appearance of varicose veins.

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing
SaunaBar’s unique approach to tackling weight gain begins with knowing which foods benefit your body type specifically, and which foods are weighing you down. ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing

#4. Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing

As someone who puts your health first, you like to know every detail about the food you eat. Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing tells you everything you need to know to balance your body once and for all. This detailed report breaks down which foods your body loves and which ones it hates — and everything in between. If there was a manual to advise you on how to best fuel your body, this would be it.

Transformation Program
SaunaBar's Transformation Program combines four pillars needed for weight loss success: diet, fitness, relaxation and detox. All of this, with added one-on-one accountability and support from Jourdan Rystrom, SaunaBar's Certified fitness nutrition coach, you’ve got yourself real, lasting results. Transformation Program

#5. Transformation Program

For those individuals who are really serious about meeting their goals, SaunaBar's Transformation Program, a world-renowned comprehensive weight-loss plan, will guide them to slim down 10-20 pounds in just three weeks, losing up to one pound of pure fat per day in all-natural, all homeopathic way, complete with customized one-on-one support.


Brentwood Gardens

11677 San Vicente Blvd. #208

Los Angeles, CA 90049

(310) 652-5522