The Lifetime Christmas movies continue with the premiere of “Saying Yes to Christmas,” starring Erika Prevost and Romaine Waite.

Fans should be excited by this film, as it will likely be their first introduction to Prevost, as this is her first-ever film for Lifetime. She has previously starred as Sloane on “The Next Step” and Brianna Bradley on “Dare Me.”

Waite may be more familiar to fans, as he did star in the film “The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel.” Other familiar roles include Mitch in “The Holiday Calendar” and “A Perfect Christmas.”

So what will happen in this film? Let's find out.

“A magical Christmas win makes a career-obsessed June (Prevost) say ‘Yes’ to every invitation while she’s home for the holidays,” a synopsis reads. “But when an old flame, Blake (Waite) joins her hectic schedule of Christmas activities, past feelings are reignited. June must choose between saying yes to her career and life in the city or to her heart in her hometown.”

“Saying Yes to Christmas” airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Saying Yes to Christmas
Erika Prevost and Romaine Waite star in “Saying Yes to Christmas.” Courtesy of Lifetime