Move over Psy, there’s a new Internet sensation now that the "Ghost in the Elevator Prank" has gone viral on YouTube.

The Brazilian show "Programa Silcio Santos” scared its victims by placing them in a rigged elevator.

In the video, unsuspecting people in an elevator look on as the lights flicker before shutting off, leaving the victims stranded in near total darkness.

Some people in the video scream after the lights go off, while others wait patiently for the electricity to come on -- but what they don't know is that the prank has barely begun.

In the video, what appears to be a blonde-haired version of Samara from “The Ring” crawls out from one of the walls in the elevator, holding a naked baby doll in her hands.

Next, the electricity is restored in the elevator, and once the victims get a glance at the young girl, the horror on their faces ensures sheer hilarity for viewers.

Mirrors were strategically placed in the elevator so those who had their backs to the young girl would see her reflection in the mirror.

Those who didn’t automatically fall for the prank were begging to get out of the elevator once the girl began to scream at them.

In the last segment of the clip, the young girl chases a grown man out of the elevator.

Many people have shared the video on Facebook, adding their own comments:

“Freaking Hysterical!! i would cry or kick her in the face. so funny because it didnt happen to me,” one user said.

“I stole this, but it is hilarious. Such a great idea hah,” another Facebook user posted.

The YouTube video has already garnered nearly 7 million views after being posted on the site for two days.

Check out the video that has been making its way around the Web below: