Country singer Scotty McCreery took a tumble on Friday while performing at a Brad Paisley show, with photos and a video of the fall circulating online.

The "American Idol" season 10 winner was opening for Paisely at the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts in New York. During his performance of Travis Tritt's "T.R.O.U.B.L.E.," McCreery reportedly took a fall off the stage mid-song.

McCreery, however, handled the collapse with grace, only missing a few notes. After the plunge, the singer reportedly jumped back up on stage, seemingly unfazed by the fall.

However, the 18-year-old later took to Twitter to joke about the incident which continued on to Saturday's performance at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, where the singer set up orange cones and caution tape around the stage as a joke.

"Dagum @BradPaisley pranked me again.. he narrowed up the stage on me for my last song..... #MeetTheCrowdNight #ImOk" McCreery wrote on Twitter Saturday.

McCreery posted photos of his joke to Twitter, showing the singer carefully maneuvering the stage where he placed the hazard cones and tape.

Scotty McCreery is the tenth season winner of "American Idol" from 2011 and has since sold over a million copies of his debut album, "Clear as Day." He also has topped five separate Billboard charts for his hit songs. McCreery was touring as part of Paisley's "Virtual Reality Tour" along with Chris Young and Miranda Lambert.

View the fall at the 8:14 mark of the video below.