Scream Season 2, episode 10
Episode 10 of “Scream” will find Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) continuing to drift apart after the reveal that she was the one responsible for bringing Piper to Lakewood. MTV

Think you know who the killer is on “Scream” Season 2? Think again! More secrets will shake things up in Lakewood in episode 10 of the MTV series.

Episode 9 left off with the masked Brandon James killer taking the life of another teen — Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon). Although it sounded like Haley was aiding Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) stalker, she had the tables turned on her at a party she helped the killer throw. But that wasn’t even the biggest shocker last Tuesday. Emma and Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) discovered that their teacher, Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith), is actually an old friend of Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire). It’s still not clear if she’s seeking revenge on Emma and the others for Piper’s death, however, someone is definitely obsessed with the Season 1 murderer. Piper’s decaying corpse was found propped in a chair at the abandoned Blessed Sisters School — the same school that Piper and Ms. Lang attended.

Episode 10, titled “The Vanishing,” will find Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Emma continuing to drift apart after the reveal that she was the one responsible for bringing Piper to Lakewood. The secret destroyed their friendship, but another secret might be the reason why the murders are happening. Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) and Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) did something in their youth that they fear is “threatening the present.” But what could their dark secret possibly be? The title of the episode may hold some clues.

As “Scream” fans already know, every episode in Season 2 is named after a horror movie. “The Vanishing” is a 1988 Dutch-French film that was remade in the U.S. in 1993. The remake starred Kiefer Sutherland, Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges, and was about a man who yearned to know what happened to his girlfriend three years after she disappeared. The kidnapper approached him, promising to “show” him what happened if he experienced it himself. It’s revealed that the woman’s kidnapper buried her alive.

Viewers learned in Season 1 that they never found Brandon James’ body after they shot him by the lake. Is that because someone else got to him first?

Catch “Scream” Season 2, episode 10 when it airs on MTV on Tuesday, Aug.2 at 10 p.m. EDT.