Scream TV Series
Someone from Brooke’s (Carlson Young) past will resurface in “Scream” Season 2, episode 3. MTV

Get ready to welcome a familiar face back to Lakewood! Mr. Branson, the twisted high school teacher from Season 1 of “Scream,” returns in episode 3 of Season 2. But it might not be a happy reunion for Brooke, who used to have a romantic relationship with the young teacher.

Episode 3 of the MTV series is titled “Vacancy,” after the 2007 horror film starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson. In the movie, a couple on the verge of divorce ends up at an isolated motel due to car troubles. Unfortunately for them, the motel uses their unsuspecting guests to star in snuff films.

Although the synopsis for episode 3 doesn’t tease anything about a deadly overnight trip, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) will end up at a motel looking for her estranged father. “Scream” fans will remember that he resurfaced in episode 2 hoping to rekindle his relationship with his daughter after hearing about her recent struggles. But Emma was not exactly welcoming her father with open arms. She’ll go looking for him in episode 3; however, she might end up finding the new Brandon James killer instead.

Speaking of the new Brandon James killer, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) will find herself in a difficult position after finding Jake’s (Tom Maden) body with a note addressed to her tacked onto him. “How could you do this to Jake?” she demands of the killer when he gives her a call. It looks like her stalker has “graduated from fun and games to murder.”

Finally, viewers can look forward to seeing Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) resurface in Lakewood. He hasn’t been seen since Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) tried to pin the murders on him in Season 1. Could he be looking to rekindle his relationship with Brooke (Carlson Young)? Is he trying to get his teaching job back? Or is he looking to get revenge on someone? Whatever the case may be, Brooke is definitely questioning his intentions — especially after the disappearance/murder of Jake.

“Scream” Season 2, episode 3 airs on MTV on Monday, June 13, at 11 p.m. EDT.