Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) learned a secret from her mother's past that could reveal why the killer is going after her. MTV

A major secret was revealed in "Scream" episode 8: We may now understand the killer's obsession with Emma (Willa Fitzgerald). The two may actually be long-lost siblings.

Episode 8 begins in the aftermath of Will's (Connor Weil) death. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), of course, isn't taking the situation well and is in shock over what she witnessed. She's shown going to a psychologist and is given antidepressants.

Jake (Tom Maden) is still in the hospital, as Brooke (Carlson Young) tells a visiting Noah (John Karna) that doctors called it a “miracle” the stab missed his major organs. Jake is asleep from the pain medicine and Brooke leaves Noah in the room with him, while she goes to get answers.

Once Jake learns they all got out alive, he figures Emma went running back to Will after his heroics. Noah doesn't know how to tell him Will's dead. When Brooke comes back in the room and Jake continues to ask about Will, she whispers to him that Will's dead and the two cry together.

Emma returns to school, trying to regain some form of normalcy in her life. Once she's in school, she runs into Noah and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), who try to talk to her, but she's standoffish and clearly tired of being asked if she's alright. However, Emma is reminded of Will at every turn. Whether it's when she sees his locker decorated in his memory or when she goes to the bathroom to take her antidepressants and she looks in the mirror and sees a flash of Will cut in half.

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald, left) is haunted by memories of seeing her ex-boyfriend Will (Connor Weil, right) killed. MTV

Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles) was able to track down Emma's father, who coincidentally hasn't been to work in three weeks, which is when Emma's mother Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) received the heart on her doorstep. He then tells Maggie next time the killer reaches out to Emma that he thinks they'll be able to trace the call. Emma overhears and tells him not to because the killer will punish her and kill someone again.

“It's not me that I'm worried about; it's all you,” she says.

Emma continues to battle with the visions of Will as she sees him at work in the coffee shop. He gives her a keychain from her deceased friend Riley (Brianne Tju), and the officer keeping watch over her sees how shaken she is. Emma is then admitted to the hospital, where she receives a visit from her father.

It is Emma's first time seeing her father in eight years and she's not happy to see him. He tries to talk to her and tell her how sorry he is, but Emma tells him to leave. When Piper (Amelia Rose Blair) comes to visit the next day, Emma tells her about it, and Piper, who's father died, reminds Emma that second chances are rare and she shouldn't waste them.

Emma discovers her visions aren't terrors, but they're trying to tell her something. He father visiting her didn't really happen; it was a memory resurfacing of the night he left when Maggie was talking about a baby and Emma's father couldn't handle it. The baby they were talking about though wasn't Emma.

Maggie left Lakewood to have a baby, which she put up for adoption. The father of that baby was Brandon James; she slept with him when she was upset that Emma's father slept with one of her friends. Maggie doesn't know what happened to the child or whether it was a boy or girl.

Did the child return to Lakewood to take revenge on Maggie for giving it up?

MAGGIE episode 8 "Scream"
Maggie (Tracy Middendorf, left) argues with her ex-husband on "Scream" episode 8. MTV

Piper goes to the sheriff with a video that Will had given her of Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) moving some sort of body. The sheriff is surprised that Piper is helping and not podcasting about it, but she doesn't want to see anyone else or herself killed. Brooke, on the other hand, isn't sure she did the right thing by telling Piper to go to the police, and she's not sure if anything will ever be right again.

The sheriff brings in Mayor Maddox to question him about what was going on in the video tape and how Brooke fears it's her mother's body featured in the footage. The mayor agrees to tell the sheriff what happened but he says he owes it to Brooke to tell her first. Brooke refuses to talk to her father until she knows her mother is alive. The sheriff passes her a number and tells Brooke she's expecting her call. Brooke then calls her mother and breaks down in tears.

After speaking with her mother, Brooke visits her father in his jail cell, and he tells her the body from the trunk was a friend of her mother's whom he found overdosed in the guestroom. Instead of calling for help, he panicked and didn't want word to get out about his wife's drug problems. Mayor Maddox tells Brooke the whole family will be back together soon and Brooke tells him maybe they shouldn't before she walks out.

Noah and Audrey continue to focus on Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) as a suspect. They decide to investigate his classroom one more time because he seemed uneasy the last time he found the two of them in there. While searching the bookcase, Audrey notices something off about the PA speaker in the classroom. The two remove the case and find knives, which could possibly be murder weapons, so they call the sheriff.

Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) visits Emma in the hospital in "Scream" episode 8. MTV

Noah tells the sheriff that Seth Branson used to be Seth Palmer, but he had an affair with an 18-year-old girl at a liberal arts college, who later turned up dead. Palmer was a suspect until he went missing and became Mr. Branson. He also tells him about the malware Branson was using to spy on students, which gives the sheriff all he needs for a warrant.

Brooke decides to meet Branson again after feeling so bad about her family and everything going on in town. The two start to hook up and take things onto the couch in theater at school, but they stop when they hear a noise. Branson then leaves to investigate.

The curtain to the stage swings wide open and stage lights turn on followed by the spotlight, which focuses on Brooke in her underwear. She then sees someone walking toward the stage and they begin to run right at her; it's the killer.

Brooke runs away, but the killer cuts her arm in the process, as she continues to run and runs right into the arms of Mr. Branson. He's shocked that she's hurt and is trying to figure out what happened when the police barge in and arrest him. Brooke sits with police in shock.