[Warning: this article contains spoilers from episode 7 of "Scream."]

After weeks of no one being carved up by the killer, MTV’s “Scream” had its most gruesome death yet Tuesday night when Will (Connor Weil) was carved up by a sharp piece of farming equipment in episode 7. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) unknowingly set the piece of equipment off by walking through a trip wire and she was left standing there covered in blood and bits and pieces of Will.

In an interview with TVLine, Weil talked about the intense shoot of Will’s death and how the killer really is in charge. “The crew was very good about safety, and it was actually more special effects than anything else, so I wasn’t in any immediate danger — thank God,” he dished. Weil added that he filmed Fitzgerald when they threw blood on her for the scene.

Weil said the point of having the scene take place in daylight was to show that the killer can even get away with things during anytime of the day and that he’s the one calling the shots.

As the bodies continue to pile up, everyone is starting to get suspicious of one another. Weil told The Wrap that the trust between the friends on the series has now fallen. “There’s no more giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. This guy is crazy and he knows personal things, so they start wondering ‘Could it be you? Where were you?’ I think everybody starts to get on edge,” he said.

Connor Weil Connor Weil's character Will was killed off in episode 7 of MTV's "Scream". Photo: Bobby Quillard

There are three episodes left this season and Weil told International Busines Times Monday that things are going to get crazy ahead of the big finale.

“We spent the first couple of episodes setting up all of the relationships, while the last couple episodes have been diving into what everyone is doing. Expect everything to just kind of blow up in these last couple of episodes. Everything has been set up on lies and secrets, so get ready for all of them to get crazy and just wait until you see the aftermath and who makes it through,” he said.

It is unknown at this point who the killer is and how many of them there are, but it will all be revealed soon. “I’m going to let you figure out that one. The movies had one way and everyone expects it a certain way when it could be another way, I want that to be a surprise. We like to keep it to the idea that anything can happen,” Weil said.

Episode 8 of “Scream” premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.