Sean Paul finally addressed rumors about him having a relationship with Beyonce, nine years after they collaborated on the hit single "Baby Boy."

Fans speculated that Jay-Z was jealous of their relationship, after Sean Paul did not perform the song with Beyonce at the MTV VMA awards. Sean Paul and Beyonce were also filmed separately for the music video and never shown together. But Sean Paul denies the allegations.

"That's a rumor that started. I've known Jay-Z from before I knew her," Sean Paul told "RapFix Live" host Sway Calloway.

"It was not a big deal to me, but it really blew up into crazy stuff,” the Jamaican artist continued to say.

Neither Jay-Z nor Beyonce ever spoke about the rumors, and married five years later, in 2008.

When asked why he had never addressed the issue before now, Sean Paul replied that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

"The general public blew it up in certain things. I just remained quiet about it for years because it was doing its work. There was just a lot of controversy. She's an amazing artist, the song was at number1 for like nine weeks, so that was a very special time for me and for dancehall."

Meanwhile, Sean Paul released his latest album Sept. 18, Tomahawk Technique, and began his American tour in Los Angeles the following day.

“I took a different approach on this album in every way,” Sean Paul said via a press release.

“I worked with a lot of pop producers and challenged them to make their interpretation of a dancehall beat while also collaborating with some artistes I’ve always admired but never had the chance to work with. The reaction to the album so far has been incredible but I am excited for it to come out in the States and to be able to support it with a great tour.”