• The motorized hoverboard was charging near the entryway 
  • Flying batteries from the hoverboard started more fires 
  • The homeowner said they were lucky their lives were saved

Buying second-hand electronic products might seem reasonable because tech is expensive. However, these pre-owned gears come with their own set of risks.

A video that surfaced recently on the internet showed just how dangerous old hoverboards can be.

In the video, the hoverboard is seen exploding and emitting flames. According to CNN, the video is from the surveillance camera of a Utah home where the incident occurred. The video shows an adult woman racing to guard her young kids as soon as the motorized device catches on fire while charging near the entryway. The children, who were near the hoverboard, are seen running in different directions as the woman tries to put out the flames.

The woman, Tamilisa Miner, tries to contain the blazes with only an oven mitt, but more danger follows as flying batteries start other fires. The fires keep smoldering anyway, burning a hole at the foot of the sofa. The man in the house then runs downstairs, and together they manage to tame the blazes with a fire extinguisher.

"This just saved my home and possibly our lives," Tamilisa told CNN. "I am still in shock, I mean, if we had been asleep, I am in a loss for words. I cannot believe how lucky how lucky we were."

The family told CNN they had purchased the hoverboard a few weeks ago, and the previous owner told them it was about a year old. Fire investigators arrived at the residence and an investigation was underway, the outlet reported.

Hoverboards are affordable gifting options, but the owners can be at the risk of serious injuries due to unexpected explosions. There are several instances of hoverboards catching fire due to faulty batteries. The increasing concerns about the safety of hoverboards have even forced Amazon to ban several popular models of hoverboards. In fact, a ban has been imposed to curb the use of hoverboards on city streets and sidewalks in notable places like London and New York City.

A boy rides a hoverboard in Santa Monica, California, Feb. 23, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson