In this image, a sign warns of danger at a waterfall swollen by rain from Hurricane Lane in Hilo, Hawaii, on Aug. 25, 2018. REUTERS/Terray Sylvester

The last two weeks in Hawaii have dominated by the search for missing hiker Amanda Eller, who went missing on May 9. Search efforts continued until Saturday, when she was found on a creek bed injured, but alive.

Unfortunately, on the heels of Eller’s rescue, another hiker may have disappeared.

As search efforts were focused on Eller, 35-year-old Noah Mina was reported missing on May 20. Mina had last been seen in the area of the Kapilau Ridge Trail that day, according to the Maui Police Department. Police and fire department members have now shifted its search efforts after Eller’s rescue to begin doubling down on Mina’s search efforts.

“Circumstances are completely different ... but overall it's the next mission,” rescuer Javier Cantellops said in a press conference on Saturday to address both efforts.

Noah’s father, Vincent, took to Facebook to address his son’s disappearance and efforts to find him.

“What a difference a day makes.....More search with infrared equipment happened at first light today where the chopper could safely go to, with the weather change being back to trades,” he said in a post. He also highlighted a GoFundMe page Noah’s partner Annina started to help build support and hire more aid in the search.

Vincent also revealed that he and the family met with Amanda Eller while she was recovering from her own ordeal.