Sense8 season 3
In the “Sense8” Season 2 finale, the cluster finally united in person. Netflix

“Sense8” Season 2 ended with a ton of action and a massive cliffhanger (which are about to be discussed, so consider this your spoiler alert). Not only did Sun face off against her brother in an epic chase sequence, but the real shocker came when Lila gave Wolfgang over to Whispers. Once the German sensate was in trouble, the cluster came together in real life on the Netflix drama.

Rather than working across the globe, the entire psychically-linked group (plus Amanita) came together in person for the first time in the Season 2 finale. They infiltrated BPO in London and attacked Whispers (Terrence Mann). Will (Brian J. Smith) and the others managed to transport his bloody, unconscious body into a van and seemed to be heading somewhere fast.

That’s where “Sense8” Season 2 ended, so obviously we have a ton of questions that need to be answered in “Sense8” Season 3.

How does getting Whispers and Jonas help them save Wolfgang? They could be preparing to trade Whispers and Jonas (Naveen Andrews) for Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), but that means the cluster is going to have to work with those who are above Whispers. If they have more power, they’re probably more dangerous.

Do Hernando and Dani know the truth? Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) suddenly left Hollywood for London and said he’d explain everything. Did he actually tell Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) and Dani (Eréndira Ibarra) the crazy truth about his psychic powers?

“Sense8” fans likely have lots of questions after the Season 2 finale. Netflix

Is the cluster sacrificing their professional lives? OK, it’s not the most pressing question, but it’s worth asking. This situation interferes with their personal lives way more than in the past. Capheus (Toby Onwumere) left in the midst of a political campaign. Lito just signed on for a big Hollywood movie. Can they rescue Wolfgang within a few days or will dreams have to be sacrificed?

What is Rajan actually involved with? Kala’s (Tina Desai) husband has been acting shady all season, and now he conveniently needs to send her away without any questions. Of course, Rajan (Purab Kohli) claims that he is a good guy helping the authorities with a corruption investigation, but do we really trust that explanation?

Is Jonas a good guy or a bad guy? He apparently made a deal with BPO to save his skin, but is Jonas really working for the evil organization?

What is Puck’s deal? He’s connected to over 300 sensates, but Puck somehow doesn’t have interest in anything besides hitting on Riley (Tuppence Middleton). The show wouldn’t introduce him for no reason, so what is his purpose?

Can the sensates actually speak to each other? They all speak each other’s languages because of the psychic connection. However, if they’re taking blockers while together in London, will some stop being able to understand each other?

What is BPO doing to Wolfgang? We probably don’t want to know the answer to this one. Let’s just hope he survives it.

Fans will have to hope these questions get answered eventually. Netflix has not yet renewed “Sense8” for Season 3. However, as previously reported, the streaming giant is trying to sign the cast for a potential third season, which is a good sign.