• Mohammad Razi was nabbed for the death of at least 10 people
  • He confessed that he had wanted to kill 100 people
  • The police found that he was sexually abused by a relative when he was 6

The 22-year-old man who was arrested in India Friday for allegedly killing at least 10 people was sexually abused as a child, the police found.

Mohammad Razi, who committed murders across the cities of Gurugram, Delhi and Bihar, was abused by a male relative when he was 6. According to the police, this might have triggered the killing spree.

Razi murdered all his victims with a knife. He only targeted men, mostly from the lower to the middle class, who faced distress. He aimed at committing 100 murders, reported Hindustan Times.

serial killer
The accused kept his lucky knife always with him and said he would take the decision of killing only after three drinks. pixabay

Razi worked in different cities in India and often shifted jobs. At some point, he worked as a construction worker and a housekeeping staff in a guest house. He confessed to the police that he wanted to travel across the country to kill people in all cities.

"He wanted to become famous and wanted to be known as the most dangerous serial killer, and his target was 100 murders. He kept his lucky knife always with him and said he would take the decision of killing only after three drinks," Preet Pal Sangwan, assistant commissioner of police, said.

Most of the cases he was involved in were blind, with no CCTV footage. This made the investigation difficult as the police could not track the suspect. The officials also observed that there was no professional or personal enmity involved in the cases.

After days of manhunt, the police arrested Razi for allegedly murdering three people in November and committing multiple thefts in Delhi, reported Times Of India. Razi later confessed that he had committed three murders on three consecutive nights in November. The victims were a security guard, an office boy and a man who was yet to be identified.

The police have also started an investigation into the details of other cases that Razi was suspected to be involved in. "A team will be sent to his home town and we are coordinating with our counterparts to know of similar cases reported in their areas," KK Rao, the commissioner of police, said.

Razi often followed a similar pattern in his murders. He would usually befriend complete strangers, offering them alcohol. After only three drinks, he would take the decision of killing, then he would stab his victim with a knife. The police found that he had dismembered the body of a victim in one case.

Razi was sent to 14 days in judicial custody on Saturday.