Seth MacFarlane will be the guest host on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, the Associated Press reports. MacFarlane is best known for his animated TV series "Family Guy" but has now entered Hollywood by writing and directing the major motion film, "Ted," where he provided the title character's voice.  

After performing live at Carnegie Hall and now taking on the "SNL" stint, is there anything the multi-talented comedian can't do?

"Not exactly," MacFarlane told the AP on Tuesday. "When things come up, I tackle them if they sound fun. That's how I decide what to do and what not to do. It's what sounds like it's going to be a good time."

MacFarlane next explained why he decided to take the gig at Studio 8H.

"They asked me," he explained. "It's the kind of thing you don't say 'no' to if you're in comedy."

MacFarlane is used to being the boss, but he admitted that he enjoyed taking a different role on "SNL."  

"It's always a nice break to NOT be the guy in charge," he told the AP. "It's the complete antithesis of the nine months it takes us to do one episode of an animated series."

Even though the "SNL" staff had their own ideas, MacFarlane contributed to some of the skits. 

"This is a large writing staff that's well equipped to do what they do," he said. "I sat in on a pitch where writers threw out a bunch of one-line sketch ideas, and there were a lot of hilarious ones. There's no shortage of fresh stuff."

Could MacFarlane be exposing another facet of his talent; singing perhaps?

"Possibly," he said. "But it's too soon to tell."

"We'll see if this weekend is a disaster or not," he hedged. "But I do like trying things I haven't tried before. It kind of gets the blood going."

Considering MacFarlane is entering relatively uncharted territory for himself by appearing on "SNL," the AP asked if he was getting "butterflies" thinking about the task.

MacFarlane brushed the question off with a laugh and then joked, "Aren't there drugs that can get rid of the butterflies these days?"