Amy Winehouse was found dead on Saturday in her London home. She was 27. The smoky- eyed, sultry-voiced, five- time Grammy Award winning British singer who brought a cool hip edge to retro-soul music battled an alcohol and drug problem that put her on tabloid front pages as much as her music did. Unlike one of her most popular songs, she

did go to rehab but led a very turbulent life battling her personal monsters.

While her death comes as a shock to many fans, Winehouse is not the only singer in the world who grappled with a drug and alcohol problem. Popular Culture has many instances of musicians who had to face the same struggle. Back in the 60's Woodstock, LSD, free love and music seemed interwoven. The era of make love not war saw many great musicians influence a whole generation of people and make music that revolutionized attitudes.

Over the years musicians from different genres like glam rock, metal, jazz, and many others have significantly influenced lifestyle choices among sections of society. We want to be these guys, want to dress like them and worship them. A lot of these musicians lives are not devoid of drugs and alcohol and some of these greats, like Winehouse, died young. Whatever their personal choices might be, these guys had a tremendous impact and should be remembered for their talent and their work. This gallery is a tribute to some of the great musicians who died young but left behind a legacy.