Liz Lemon says a lot on 30 Rock. NBC has mashed some of her best quotes into S--t Lemon Says, the latest parody of S--t Girls Say. (PHOTO: Screen Capture / NBC Universal)

Could Liz Lemon's parody be the one to end all parodies?

Probably not, especially in the world of Sh-t Girls Say.

On Thursday, NBC's 30 Rock unleashed its very own version of the meme that has taken over YouTube channels and Facebook pages.

In Sh-t Liz Lemon Says, Tina Fey's character is celebrated with some of her best quotes from the show's six seasons.

There's Lizbianism (Lemon's new philosophy on life from Season 5), her generous use of the phrases What the what? Shut it down, That is solid, her love for food and her inclination to blurt out made-up words.

The parody video also showcases Lemon's best singing and dance moves, including her guitar solo to Jack Donaghy in Season 4.

Sh-t Liz Lemon Says is the latest parody to arrive in our hands this week.

Pat Kiernan, broadcaster of New York news channel, NY 1, released his own video, Sh-t Pat Kiernan Says on Wednesday, one week after local comedians Eliot Glazer and his sister Ilana made Sh-t New Yorkers Say and paid homage to Kiernan (he is referenced three times in the video).

We've come a long way since the days of Sh-t Girls Say, the video that started it all. The original Sh-t Girls Say episode, released more than five weeks ago, has received more than 12 million views on Twitter. Its follow up second and third episodes dropped in viewership, with 6 million and 2 million views, respectively.

The New Yorkers version has received more than 2.6 million views, while other parodies have fared just as well, if not better (Single Girls - 3.6 million; Asian Girls - 2.8 million; yogis - 1.5 million; Black Girls to White Girls - 7 million).

30 Rock recently kicked off its sixth season on NBC. The show will feature two brand new episodes on Thursday night.

Scroll down to watch Sh-t Liz Lemon Says, courtesy of NBC's 30 Rock.