“Shadowhunters” Season 1 is going to have a big love triangle. ABC Family’s (soon to be Freeform) new series will follow Clary (Katherine McNamara) as she discovers the secret world of Shadowhunters, angel-human hybrids who fight demons. She’ll meet the sexy Jace (Dominic Sherwood), a Shadowhunter, but she’ll also have a special place in her heart for her best friend Simon (Alberto Rosende). The new trailer shows off Clary’s friendship with Simon.

The teaser makes it look like she’ll bring Simon into the loop on the supernatural pretty quickly. “Clary, is there a war that I don’t know about?” Simon asks her.

In another dramatic moment, the two share a hug. “You don’t have to die,” Clary says.

“I’d rather not do that,” Simon tells her. Is the embrace just friendly or is it a hint at something more?

Of course, Simon’s competition, Jace, also has quite a bit of screen time in this trailer as well. It looks like Clary isn’t exactly dying to join Jace and the other demon hunters. “I’m not interested in your Supernatural fight club,” Clary says. But Jace is definitely into the hard-to-get attitude.

Watch the trailer for the “Shadowhunters” series premiere below:

This promo also gives diehard fans a look at what has changed from the books. The drama is based on Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” series. While Clary was 16 years old in the books, she has been aged up two years for the show. As previously reported, the show will still stay pretty close to the books, despite a few changes. The leading lady is now finishing high school and trying to get into college. The trailer shows her portfolio to get into art school, and it looks like she has been drawing the demons that Jace and his family fight.

“Shadowhunters” premieres Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform.