Shameless Season 4 Spoilers
Will Fiona change her ways in episode 10 of "Shameless"? Find out here. Shameless

“Shameless” airs a new episode on Sunday, and according to spoilers, this is one you do not want to miss. Seriously. At first glance it sounds like Episode 10, “Liver, I Hardly Know Her,” would focus around the show’s most destructive character, Frank. William Macy, who plays the role, has endured a painful Season 4 as he slowly watches his tarnished organ withering away inside of him. But rumors have insisted that episode 10 will focus more on Fiona’s storyline than her dying father.

The synopsis for “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” says Fiona will violate terms of her probation, which will send her family into search party mode. Yikes. Is this girl going to get it together? Ever since Fiona started hooking up with her ex-boyfriend’s brother, it’s been downhill for this thrill-junkie. And if you thought Fiona had already reached rock bottom after almost accidentally killing Liam, think again.

Spoilers indicate that Fiona won’t be taking responsibility for her actions anytime soon. So, if you thought you’d be cheering for the “heroine” of “Shameless” once again, you might want to reconsider starting the slow clap. In fact, it’s been reported that Emma Rossum’s character will become more of a liability than Frank. Now, that says a lot.

The Gallagher kids have had to grow up quicker than regular folk considering they take care of themselves. And it’s easy to forget that Fiona is in her early 20s. That’s no excuse for leaving coke out on the table, but we can’t say we’re shocked she’s rebelling a bit. We just hope the show’s protagonist doesn’t completely forget she has a house full of children to take care of. But the role of guardian seems to be slipping her mind as Season 4 progresses.

Spoiler’s hint that Fiona will be pulling a Frank in episode 10. And while we’re not exactly sure what that means, we think we have an idea. Frank is no stranger to running away when things get tough. We actually remember past seasons where his children would go out and look for him. Now, instead of doing the searching, Fiona is the one being hunted by a group of scared kids. We just hope they don’t find her in a dirty home soaked in filth.

What are you predictions for the coming episode of “Shameless”? Let us know your theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into episode 10 on Showtime Sunday night.