shark week 2014
Are you ready for the 2014 season of "Shark Week"? Celebrate the 27th anniversary with 27 amazing shark GIFs. Discovery Channel

“Shark Week” will be swimming to a TV near you when the hit summer series returns to Discovery Channel Sunday, Aug. 10, at 8 p.m. EDT for the blood-soaked premiere of its 2014 season. Excited? We don’t blame you! According to Shark Week’s programming list, viewers are in for a pretty wild season.

[Check out Shark Week's 2014 programming list here!]

And to help prepare fans for the web’s most social programming event to date, we're giving you 27 of the fiercest and craziest shark GIFs to tweet out in honor of Shark Week’s 27th anniversary. Ready to be the Megalodon of social media?

1. What's better than Shark Week? How about Rob Lowe advertising Shark Week by throwing chum at a bunch of ocean predators during this commercial?

2. Who doesn't like a good breaching GIF?

3. The film that started all this shark madness:

4. A GIF that made us want to swim with the sharks:

5. And a GIF that didn't:

6. We're stoked not to be a seal right now:

7. Nailed it. This is pretty much our expression while watching Shark Week:

8. How we react when our one friend doesn't want to watch Shark Week:

9. We love us a shark-feeding frenzy!

10. Slurp!

11. Crunch!

12. On the other hand:

13. Sometimes sharks can be so hypnotizing! Exhibit A:

14. Exhibit B:

15. And cuddly, too! Look at this little fellow:

16. But then we quickly remember why we were afraid to go in the ocean in the first place:





21. My! What lifeless eyes you have:

22. And what sharp teeth you have!

23. No, seriously. Look at those things:


25. Even when sharks laugh they're scary!

26. OK, OK! One more breaching GIF for good measure:

27. Are you ready for Shark Week 2014?