Shay Carl Butler is slowly but surely getting back into the limelight. Just days shy of six months after privating his Instagram account, deleting his Twitter page and taking a hiatus from his Shaytards YouTube channel following a cheating scandal, the famous vlogger made a cameo on his brother’s Instagram account.

While Shay’s millions of YouTube subscribers haven’t seen a new video from him since February, fans were able to catch a glimpse of the father-of-five online over the weekend. “Loved everything about today,” Casey Butler, Shay’s brother, posted to Instagram alongside photos of himself and Shay.

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Loved everything about today.

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In two of the images, Shay can be seen diving and swimming in lake with his sibling. A third photo shows Shay seemingly posing with a friend on a mountainside. The Instagram slideshow ends with a shot of the brothers smiling side-by-side in the same outdoor locale.

While Casey did not make any mention of his brother or his scandal in the shots, fans have taken notice of Shay’s participation in the photos. “We miss you Shay. You guys should blog like once a week,” one fan requested in the comments. “Didn’t realize how much I missed Shay and the family oil I saw these pictures,” said another supporter. “I hope these are baby steps to reintroducing the Shaytards,” reads another comment. “We love you all. You called us family and we feel like we are, these pictures make my heart sing.”

Prior to sharing photos of he and Shay, Casey posted shots of himself sharing a fishing trip with his two sons and one of Shay’s children. “Best boating buddies,” Casey captioned a shot of his nephew Brock holding up a fish.


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This isn’t the first time Casey has shared a glimpse into Shay and his family’s life since disappearing from YouTube. In May, in honor of Mother’s Day, he shared a family photo on his account which gave an updated look at Shay, his wife Colette Butler and their five children, Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock and Daxton.

Shay announced his departure from the internet in February after revealing he was struggling with alcoholism. “I’ve been lying to myself. My heart is sick,” Shay posted in a tweet at the time. “I thought I would be able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons but that disease has manifested itself back into my life...”

Around the same time, it was revealed by cam girl Aria Nina that she had been having an online relationship with the vlogger. Shay has never publicly responded to her claims, but did reportedly confirm the validity of sexual messages he shared with Aria to fellow YouTuber Keemstar, according to the Feb. 12 show of Drama Alert.

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Aria later said she did not expose the family vlogger for fame or money, stating she simply felt he treated her wrongly. More recently, she has to announced she will start her own vlog channel.

Despite not officially returning to the web, Shay’s Shaytards channel still has 4.9 million subscribers to date. His Instagram, which he recently unprivated, has 1.1 million followers.