Shay Carl
YouTuber Shay Carl Butler, pictured with wife Colette Butler at the 6th Annual Streamy Awards in Los Angeles on Oct. 4, 2016, has admitted to sending sexual messages with an Instagram star. Getty Images

The patriarch of YouTube’s Shaytards channel has found himself in a cheating scandal. Sexual messages sent by Shay Carl Butler to adult cam girl Aria Nina were released Sunday.

The drama started when Aria Nina posted screenshots of private messages between her and the married father of five on Twitter. Aria also included Shay’s wife, Colette Butler, on one of the scandalous Twitter posts.

Speaking to YouTuber Keemstar on his show Drama Alert Sunday, Aria said Shay, 36, was the first to reach out to her. She said their conversations started with him thanking her for her support. “He went on to then get really sexual and then he became really rude,” Aria said.

Aria claims her conversations with Shay continued for three months. She denies trying to get fame or money out of the situation but did reveal she is in possession of a compromising video of the popular YouTuber.

“I really looked up to him so I was super excited that he was messaging me but at some points, I got so bored of it,” she said on Drama Alert. Aria explained she decided to release the telling messages after Shay treated her like “trash and scum of the earth” for complimenting his youngest son.

“I said, ‘Oh, your son Daxton is so cute. Like, I want your baby. Can I have him? He’s adorable.’ He’s like, ‘You’re disgusting. Don’t ever talk about my family.’ He was just completely rude. I felt like all he did was express his sexual feelings to me and I was just some dump of sex emotions.”

Shay confirmed the legitimacy of the message to Keemstar. However, he claims Aria reached out to him first, seemingly baiting him into sending the sexual messages. While Aria admits to sending sexual messages from time-to-time, she says Shay led most of their conversations. “Who messages someone with good intentions at 3 a.m.?” she said.

Shay has since released a statement on his Twitter page revealing he is battling alcoholism and is seeking treatment. He did not comment on the cheating scandal.

Shay’s main YouTube channel, Shaytards, follows his Mormon family’s daily lives. The channel, which started in 2008, has 4.9 million subscribers.