Shay Carl
YouTuber Shay Carl Butler hasn’t posted a video since Aria Nina revealed their sexual messages. Butler is pictured at the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards in Hollywood, California, Feb. 17, 2013. Getty Images

Shay Carl Butler’s cam girl doesn’t want fame and money. Aria Nina spoke out about her relationship with the YouTuber on Twitter Tuesday night after exposing their alleged online fling earlier this week, explaining her reason for sharing details about their secret romance.

Directly responding to fans of Shay’s popular YouTube channel Shaytards, Aria denied she received any money from the family vlogger during the course of their online romance. Aria specifically told one fan she’s “not looking for money.” Aria has also denied that Shay, who has since announced he’s taking a break from the social site, was one of her paid clients.

Aria has since deleted tweets of the sexual messages she and Shay, a married father of five, sent to each other over the course of three months. During an appearance on the YouTube show DramaAlert on Sunday, she explained that she decided to release the messages after she claims he was rude to her.

Aria shared a similar statement on Twitter Tuesday night, writing she was “hurt” by Shay’s allegedly offensive comments to her. “I really looked up to him myself that’s why I felt hurt when I wasn’t treated like a human because he wasn’t that person,” Aria wrote to a fan.

Shay has not directly responded to the cheating scandal. Keemstar of DramaAlert did report, however, that Shay confirmed the validity of the messages released by Aria.

On Sunday, Shay posted a message to Twitter explaining that his “heart is sick” and he would be seeking treatment for alcoholism, a disease he has been fighting for several years. He has not uploaded a new video to his channel since the scandal broke.