Shay Carl Butler’s former cam girl could be coming to a YouTube screen near you. The cam girl infamous for exposing her online affair with Shaytards vlogger has tossed around the idea she could jump on the vlogging bandwagon.

The inspiration behind Aria Nina’s possible new profession isn’t Shay Carl, surprisingly. Despite once being in an online relationship with the YouTuber for three months, Aria has named fellow YouTube star Jake Paul as her inspiration after learning about his estimated monthly earnings.

“Jake Paul makes roughly 1 mil a month on YT,” Aria tweeted Wednesday alongside a shocked face emoji. “I need to start vlogging!!!” While Paul’s earnings have not been confirmed, Social Blade estimates his revenue ranges from 120K to 1.9 million monthly based on views. 

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This isn’t the first time Aria has tweeted lovingly about Jake Paul, who has quickly become a powerhouse on the site. After getting an unfavorable comment about her personality from one of her Twitter followers on Wednesday, Aria referenced a quote from the vlogger. “Dabbing on them haters as my man Jake Paul would say,” she wrote.

Still, Jake shouldn’t expect a relationship with the cam girl. Aria previously admitted the 20-year-old isn’t her type.

jake paul, shay carl Shay Carl Butler’s former cam girl has been inspired by YouTuber Jake Paul (right), pictured at the Brooks Brothers Beverly Hills summer camp party in LA on June 3, to vlog. Shay is photographed at the Streamy Awards in LA in 2013. Photo: Getty Images

Someone who is her type, however, is also big on YouTube. And, no, we’re not talking about Shay. In May, Aria made it known to her followers that she was enamored with singer The Weeknd. “Make me pregnant please,” she begged the “Earned It” performer on Twitter after he posted a Mother’s Day message. To be fair, dozens of Weeknd’s fans posted a similar request to his page the same time as Aria.

Aria Nina first rose to fame in February after she released X-rated messages she once shared with Shay. After exposing their romance she spoke out about her decision on the YouTube channel Drama Alert. During her interview, Aria, who denied she was seeking fame from the situation, claimed the father of five reached out to her initially and became rude after she brought up the topic of his children.

“He went on to then get really sexual and then he became really rude,” Aria said. “He was just completely rude. I felt like all he did was express his sexual feelings to me and I was just some dump of sex emotions.”

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Shay, on his part, has not admitted to the online affair. He has, however, since taken a break from YouTube. One day after Aria released the messages, he announced on Twitter that he would be seeking treatment for his issues with alcoholism.

Shay has not officially returned to his Shaytards YouTube channel since. His last official video on the account was posted Feb. 10. Shay also deleted his Twitter account and privated his Instagram following the scandal, though he did briefly returned to the latter in May. It is unclear when the Butler family plans to make a YouTube comeback.