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Hands-on with Sheec No Show Socks
Hands-on with Sheec No Show Socks Sheec

As anyone who wishes to pull off the no-socks look with their boat shoes, loafers, or Converse All Star will know, if you actually don't wear socks - there's a price to pay. There's a reason why socks were invented, it's the intermediary layer between the feet and the shoes, absorbing both sweat and friction.

Then how can one pull off the casual, carefree no-socks look comfortably? No show socks is the solution that is the best of both worlds, and we've been testing products from a socks company that specializes in making them for the last 9 years.

Sheec has its eyes on the prize of making the best no-show socks there ever is, and they are up to their third generation of products. How do these no-show socks fare in real life? Let's dive in to find out.


Wide variety of socks to match every shoe type

You can know that Sheec is serious about their no-show socks by the sheer range of different types of the socks they offer. Since they are called no-show socks, it makes sense to have the exact kind of socks that won't show, instead of ones that are invisible with some shoes but visible on others.


By adjusting the length of the instep (the part of the socks that covers the top of the feet), there is a Sheec sock that will hide itself properly for every type of shoe. This goes for both of the main types of Sheec socks: the Secret 3.0 for dress shoes and Active-X for sneakers.


Never slips off - special rubber anchors

Yes, yes, we should never say never. But in my testing of the Sheec socks, none of the socks ever fell off - even when I took off my shoes. I have also tried them after 2-3 washes and the socks continue to stay on my feet very well.

At its third iteration, Sheec has already developed the socks material and profile to make it as slip proof as possible, but from experience, I believe the special rubber anchors play a key role in how well the socks stay on.


For the Secret 3.0, there is a rubber strip around the cuff both at the instep and near the heel - creating a friction hook that grabs on securely. For the Active-X there's something more sophisticated near the heel that also does a great job holding the sock in place.


Durable: dense material and construction

For the Secret 3.0, at first glance it has the appearance of women's hosiery, which might put some guys off. However I can assure you that after wearing them, they are not what they seem.

First of all, the material used is much denser, and is not translucent what-so-ever. Secondly, the sole is made of cotton, which is sewn to the rest of the sock with a dense overlocking stitch all around the sole.

I also found that the thick material stood up to multiple washes, different from other no show socks that I have tried before, where the rubber anchors quickly peeled off after even one or two washes. With Sheec socks, even after 2-3 washes, there is no sign of the grips being loosened at all.


Comfortable dual layered construction

The hybrid construction of two different materials in the Secret 3.0 results in a very comfortable wearing experience. According to a female colleague, Sheec wears completely differently from normal hosiery, which does not absorb much sweat, and easily becomes uncomfortable. The Secret 3.0 on the other hand absorbs the sweat and keeps the feet dry.

The overlocking stitching also isn't a cause for discomfort, it can't be felt at all while wearing the socks, despite its dense and rugged construction. It's obvious that Sheec's experience and development has paid off, and they have found an optimal fabrication that is both comfortable and durable.


Accessories to make it last

Other than making great no show socks, Sheec also provides the accessories needed to ensure that your socks last longer.

What's the fastest way to lose the use of your socks? No, it's not getting holes in them, but losing one half of the pair. No matter how well the socks are made, if you lose one of them, you're stuck with the frustrating situation where you're looking at one good sock that can't be used anymore.


That's where Sheec's mesh laundry bag comes in. Coming three different sizes, you can choose one that suits your use the best, or just buy the three pack bundle. All of them give you a dedicated place to put your used socks, separating them from the rest of the laundry. When it's full you just throw the whole thing into the laundry to wash. The laundry mesh bags also protect the socks from damage, so that the rubber lining that is so crucial to the function of these socks are preserved for longer.


Sheec also makes a stainless steel shoe horn that helps prevent bunching up the no-show socks while putting on shoes. The shoe horn is made of polished stainless steel which offers a smooth surface for the feet to glide in easily, minimizing the friction on the socks that can cause wear and tear in the long term.


Various bundles

Sheec offers a variety of mixed packs, like a sampler box for chocolate that lets you try out its various offerings, while offering a discount with each of the bundles.


The Starter Kit basically includes all the main players: containing both the Secret 3.0 and Active-X socks, each with three different length insteps to fit various shoes.


If you only want to go for a sockless look for dress shoes/loafers, you can just go for the Secret 3.0 bundle, which contains all three types of instep lengths for various types of shoes. You can also choose between three different colors to camouflage the socks against the shoes.


For the sockless sneaker, the Active-X bundle is your best bet, offering 4 different colors to choose from, also containing 3 different instep lengths.

Final Verdict

Fashion can come and go, but it's probably safe to say the no sock look is here to stay. Sheec socks will ensure that you get the look without compromising comfort. It's design keeps the minimal socks on the feet, while also drawing moisture away from the feet keeping it comfortable and the shoes from unpleasant odor. If you're going for the no sock look, we highly recommend Sheec's socks.

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