Police released 3-year-old Sherin Mathew’s cause of death Wednesday after the missing Texas toddler’s body was found in October. Richardson Police Department

Authorities entered their 12th day of searching for missing Texas toddler Sherin Mathews Wednesday. The 3-year-old was allegedly left outside by her father in the middle of the night more than a week ago as a form of punishment. It was the last time she was seen.

Police and volunteers have been scouring the area in and around Richardson, Texas over the past week in an effort to locate the child. Thus far, no sign of her has appeared. Here is everything we know so far about Sherin, her parents and the investigation into her disappearance.

  • Sherin was adopted two years ago from an orphanage in India. She has limited verbal communication skills and developmental issues.
  • Sherin’s father, 37-year-old Wesley Mathews, told police he put the child beneath a tree about 100 feet from their home at 3 a.m. Oct. 7 as punishment for not drinking her milk. When he returned 15 minutes later, she was gone, he said.
  • Wesley Mathews didn’t call police until five hours after he realized Sherin was gone, allegedly believing she would return on her own and that the daylight would help him search for her. In that time, he reportedly did a load of laundry. Sherin’s mother was allegedly sleeping throughout the night.
  • Wesley told police that coyotes were often seen in the area where he left Sherin. Police, however, said there was no evidence she was dragged away by an animal nor was there any evidence she had been kidnapped.
  • Police expressed concern about the fact that Sherin’s father waited to so long to contact them after she vanished.
  • Police also said they determined the family car was missing for about an hour at 4 a.m. the morning Sherin disappeared. They asked neighbors to come forward with any video that may have captured the car’s movements during that time.
  • Sherin’s father was arrested on charges of child endangerment but was released after posting $250,000 bond.
  • Both parents have now retained lawyers in the case, despite the fact that Sherin’s mother was not accused of any wrongdoing.
  • Neither parent attended a vigil for Sherin held in the neighborhood.
  • Both Sherin’s mother and father are refusing to cooperate with police in the search or the investigation, police told reporters.
  • Child Protective Services said they had previously had contact with the Mathews family in the past but declined to provide further details. A 4-year-old was also removed from the home following Sherin’s disappearance.
  • The secretary at the orphanage where Sherin was adopted from told The Indian Express the child never had a problem drinking her milk and was not fussy with the food that was given to her.
  • Authorities are combing through surveillance footage and video from nearby neighbors and businesses as part of the investigation.
  • Police announced the search for Sherin yielded “articles of interest.” “Whether or not they turn out to be evidence in this case remains to be determined,” Richardson Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich told KTVT Tuesday.
  • Police said the searches for Sherin would become more specific as the investigation moved forward.

Sherin was last seen wearing black pajama bottoms, a pink top and pink flip flops. She is 22 pounds and 3 feet tall. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.