Police continued the search for missing Texas toddler Sherin Mathews Tuesday, following up on leads and tips received from the public. Volunteers, authorities and drones joined forces in the search for the 3-year-old in and around Richardson, Texas. Police said they found “articles of interest” during their search.

“We have found some articles that are of interest to us,” Richardson Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich told KTVT Tuesday. “Whether or not they turn out to be evidence in this case remains to be determined.”

Authorities said they were also reviewing surveillance video from the surrounding neighbors and businesses as part of the investigation, KDFW reported. The search for the child would continue in the coming days, police confirmed.

“You will probably continue to see us do some very specific searches as our investigation moves forward,” Perlich said. “As we get additional information we will be searching those areas that we think may hold some type of tip, lead or evidentiary value in this particular case.”

It’s been more than a week since Sherin went missing after her father reportedly put her outside as punishment for not finishing her milk. Wesley Mathews, 37, told police he left Sherin outside under a tree at about 3 a.m. Oct. 7. When he returned 15 minutes later, she was gone, he said. But her father didn’t call police for a full five hours, rousing the suspicions of authorities.

Sherin’s father was arrested on charges of child endangerment but was released after posting $250,000 bond. Though her mother was not accused of any wrongdoing, both parents retained lawyers. Police said both Sherin’s mother and father are now refusing to cooperate with authorities in the investigation or the search for the little girl.

“We’ve reached out to the mother and the attorney,” Perlich told KDFW. “And they’ve refused to speak to us further.”

Police said they also discovered the family car was missing at around 4 a.m. – shortly after Sherin vanished. Authorities asked anyone who might have surveillance video that captured the car that morning to come forward and turn it over to police.

Sherin was adopted by the Mathews family two years ago from an orphanage in India. She suffers from developmental issues and has limited verbal communication skills, police said in a Facebook post.

“We’re always hopeful we can find her alive,” Perlich told KTVT. “But time is our enemy.”