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Do you suffer from the symptoms of menopause? In addition to herbal and pharmaceutical remedies, there are massage methodologies which can help. This article deals with shiatsu's beneficial effect on women in menopause.

The origins of the practice of shiatsu derive from the full oriental medical system which looks at the human body as a network or series of meridians. These networks allow the positive energy or vital life force (or chi) to flow through it. According to shiatsu practitioners, an individual becomes sick due to the flow of chi or energy becoming sluggish or disrupted in one way or another. This however can be easily remedied. The energy imbalance can be corrected by way of applying pressure to particular points on the body that correspond to a given meridian. This is all good news for women going through menopause, as the practice of shiatsu is an excellent one to try to help relieve your symptoms.

Treating Menopause Symptoms

In order for shiatsu to work at treating the symptoms of menopause, first an accurate diagnosis of the symptoms must be done by the qualified practitioner. When patient with menopause symptoms experiences ringing in the ears, pain in the shoulder and/or dizziness, shiatsu can address the meridian of the small intestine, which can aid in the health of the ovaries.

Ask the shiatsu specialist to apply pressure to the stomach and spleen meridians if you find yourself suffering from any type of nervous or stomach disorders or if you have a tendency to eat too much because of anxiety and frustration. The meridians for the heart, bladder and kidneys need to have pressure applied to them if as a menopause patient you suffer from any type of nervous disorders or heart palpitations.

If constant fatigue is a problem or if you suffer from headaches, then you need to look to the triple heater meridian. If you suffer from constant weight gain or obesity and/or hormonal imbalance then you need to look to the gall bladder meridian for the help you need for relief.

In order for shiatsu to work at treating the symptoms of menopause, first an accurate diagnosis of the symptoms must be done by the qualified practitioner. If you suffer from anxiety and a great deal of tension on a regular basis then look to the shiatsu technique described below to bring relief:

First you must find the middle point that exists between the eyebrows and to make it easier for you, this point is to be found directly above where the bridge of the nose is found. Apply a circular type of massage technique to this area and count slowly from one to 30 and while so doing make sure to exhale as well as inhale as deeply as you can for maximum benefits. Do this once and then repeat the process again. To get as much relief as possible from this technique, shut your eyes and then take the time to pay close attention to both your steady breathing and your heartbeat.

Do these techniques as many times as you feel it is necessary. Choose the type of massage that works best for you whether it be smooth, pulsating or a stroking type of massage. Always go with what works best for you as not everyone will respond well to the same kind.

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