• Kusama has not yet revealed the release date of Shibarium
  • Shibarium is 'not that long, promise,' says the pseudonymous lead developer
  • SHIB was trading up 0.29% at $0.000008298 as of 3:09 a.m. ET on Thursday

Shiba Inu's pseudonymous lead developer Shytoshi Kusama clarified their role in the latest project and apologized to the Shib Army for causing "any confusion" about the special countdown.

Kusama made a series of comments about various things related to the Shibarium and the entire Shiba Inu ecosystem over the weekend. But, it appears that some of their followers may have confused the countdown of the official launch of the Shibtoken website with the highly anticipated Shibarium announcement.

Kusama clarified to the community that they are "not responsible" for every detail concerning SHIB, specifically about the website. The pseudonymous lead developer praised Shib developer, who goes by the Twitter name ShibTrophias, and his team for their work and the "new design."

Kusama also apologized for the confusion and admitted that they " totally understand how the countdown could have been misleading."

In another tweet, Kusama slammed fudders, or those who love to spread negative and baseless information online to create fear, uncertainty and doubt among investors, and asked them not to "compare" the Shiba Inu team to "doxxed and regulated people who scammed everyone."

The lead developer noted that the Shiba Inu team is "different" from them and underlined that, unlike those people, they are "building with a very low budget and following a plan laid out by Ryoshi," who is the pseudonymous creator of Shiba Inu.

Kusama also advised that they "should take your complaints to the other tokens."

In the cryptocurrency industry, particularly in the Shiba Inu community, developers and social media influencers advise that retail investors should DYOR or the crypto speak for "do your own research" and not simply rely on what they see or hear online.

As for the Shibarium, Kusama, when asked if the beta testing of the layer-2 solution will happen soon, did not confirm or deny anything.

Instead, they pleaded to the community saying, "Guys please... if you understand that Shibarium is about a collective effort to combat the shadowcats of the world and the current conditions we all are subject to, then you know that timing is everything and your contribution is more important than WEN."

However, never leaving the Shib Army hanging, the lead developer mentioned that Shibarium is "not that long, promise. Just putting ducks in a row. And you know, holidays."

Shiba Inu is not immune to the bear market in the crypto industry these days, as its price has not been able to climb back to its previous high.

As of 3:09 a.m. ET on Thursday, SHIB was trading up 0.29% at $0.000008298 with a 24-hour volume of $73,351,141, according to the latest data from CoinMarketCap.

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu, the dog-themed altcoin With permission from @GossipShib Twitter