• Shiba Eternity is a CCG mobile title developed by PlaySide Studios
  • The game was released on Oct. 6
  • SHIB was trading up 5.39% at $0.00001058 Friday morning

Shiba Eternity, the first collectible card game (CCG) of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, has achieved an impressive milestone and set the standard in mobile gaming, particularly for projects initiated by a cryptocurrency team.

Following its worldwide launch on Oct. 6, Shiba Eternity proved that any initiative centered and driven by the community will be successful. Just a few hours following its release, the game was listed as the top game in the card game category of the Apple App Store.

Moreover, the CCG was downloaded more than 100,000 times on Google Play Store, with over 11,700 reviews and a 4.8 average review rating.

A Japanese Shib Army member, who goes by the Twitter handle @kuro_9696_9696, shared that, unlike other games, Shiba Eternity received a high number of reviews vis-a-vis the number of downloads. Additionally, the user pointed to the high review score of the game despite the increasing number of downloads.

"It's not uncommon for scores to drop after the initial rating was too high, but it's still ☆ 4.8," the Twitter user said. "It is also impressive that the number of reviews is very large compared to the number of downloads. Over 10,000. (There are still few Japanese reviews). The number of supported languages will increase from now on, and I think that this is not a temporary success but a real success."

Usually, when the game's number of downloads increases, the average review rating drops as some review the game after experiencing issues like crashes and bugs. Also, on Google Play Store, the number of reviews typically drops as the game's number of downloads increases.

As Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu's pseudonymous lead developer, previously said, it is "still too early to know how successful the game has become." They had also assured to release a game guide to help those who find the game "a bit confusing."

Moreover, Kusama highlighted that the Shiba Inu development team was pushing for the game's release so they could "build something we can use and use to test Shibarium." Shiba Eternity is a mobile CCG developed by PlaySide Studios with video game industry veteran William Volk as its alpha director. It is playable on iOS and Android devices.

SHIB was trading up 5.39% at $0.00001058 with a 24-hour volume of $465,032,173 at 12.14 a.m. ET Friday, showed data from CoinMarketCap.

Shiba Eternity
Screenshots from Shiba Eternity Collective Card Game Lucie Sasinkova/Shiba Eternity CCG