• "Shiba Eternity" rolled out its final test version in Australia last week
  • Kusama said the next launch will be on Download Day
  • Kusama said in December 2021 that "ALL NEW PLATFORMS will have Shib Burns" and the "only exception is the game"

Shiba Inu's pseudonymous lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, has made an announcement about an upcoming project in the community that could benefit the holders, and it appears that the reveal is connected to what they mentioned in December 2021.

One of Kusama's tweets over the weekend has something to do with a planned burning mechanism for one of the initiatives in the community. Interestingly, they mentioned this in a tweet in December last year. It was shared again by former Shiba Inu growth member and social media influencer GossipShib last month.

The lead developer mentioned in the tweet that "ALL NEW PLATFORMS WILL HAVE $SHIB BURNS" and enumerated upcoming projects like "Shibaswap v2. Shibarium. Shibanet."

Shiba Inu Tokens Burned in Official Shib Burn Portal Army Official Website

Kusama, however, said that the "only exception is the game," noting that "there is a reason for that." It appears that Kusama already spilled some details on why "Shiba Eternity" is an exception when it comes to Shib Burn.

Addressing the Shib Army, Kusama clarified that "there will be burns from the game period. Upcoming details will explain why #ShibaEternity is powerful, challenging, great for Shib, Shiboshi holders, and Shibarium once the blockchain version is released."

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @JoeDc101 commented on the lead developer's tweet, hoping they could get more details or an explanation. "What do you mean from the game period? Do you mean there will be burns from the game, period? Curiously if these betas will have burns from active players in those countries? If so, would you be able to show the example of those burns from the game? Great work, devs," the user wrote.

"I will explain in detail right before download day. There will be a LOT to discuss as this is much more than a game; it's an offensive against the powers of evil attempting to destroy our Shiba Eternity," Kusama answered.

Based on their previous and latest tweets, it looks like the Shiba Inu development is preparing something in "Shiba Eternity" that will not only allow players to enjoy the CCG but also provide a way to help reduce the total circulating supply of SHIB. The community will undoubtedly learn more about this very soon since Kusma promised to drop more details before the game's Download Day.

"Shiba Eternity," the first collectible card game of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, rolled out its final test version in Australia last week. Kusama said the next launch would be the official release of the game to all regions worldwide via Download Day.