Nintendo may face tough competition this holiday shopping season, but not from any of its competitors.

The Japan-based video game maker is moving ahead of rivals Sony and Microsoft in the rush towards Christmas so effectively, some speculate its sales will be only slowed by the limited quantity of units available.

We should expect more demand than supply for Nintendo products, and it is expected to receive more sales than PlayStation 2, PlayStation3 and Xbox 360, said Todd Mitchell, research analyst at Kaufman Bros., L.P.

The video-game business works in cycles, the analyst explained, saying that in the previous cycle Sony held the reins with the Playstation 2, this time around Nintendo's Wii is more popular any machine produced by its rivals.

A mixture of good games, the new control mechanism, ease of use, and low pricing all combine to make the Wii a winner, said Mitchell.

All manufacturers saw an increase in sales this weekend, with online game sales increasing 134% on Black Friday as customers took advantage of reduced prices. Sales are estimated to be around $531 million for the holiday weekend, but this figure is expected to surpass $700 million this week.

Wii software sales are topping the market with Super Mario Galaxy selling over 750 thousand copies.

Nintendo video games sales are expected to continue rising and come closer to $2.15 billion in fourth quarter of 2007 and $2.37 billion in fourth quarter of 2008 according to iSuppli research report.