A new celebrity will be able to call themselves a "Dancing With the Stars" champion after the official end of the "Athletes" season, and there are more than a few good reasons to believe that Adam Rippon will be that winner.

The Olympic Ice Skater and his partner, Jenna Johnson, also known as Team Just Friends, have been the front-runners to beat since Week One, consistently staying at the top of the leaderboard throughout the competition. Now, they seem more poised than ever to win the Mirrorball, and there are several different reasons why they're likely to be crowned as champions.


He Has Natural Talent And Charisma

DWTS Adam Adam Rippon's natural talent and charisma is a big advantage going into the "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" finals. Photo: ABC/ Kelsey McNeal

Adam has scored well throughout the season because he has had a natural ability on the dance floor and seemed to easily adapt to the demands of the competition. In addition, he and Jenna know how to put on a show, and they haven't disappointed yet when it comes to what they've imagined for their routines.

He Has Been The Front-Runner

Adam has consistently had the best scores of the competition, either tying or claiming the top spot on the judges' leaderboard throughout. He started off high, with a 24/30, before quickly earning a 37/40 and 39.40. It stands to reason the only way for him to go is up, which would mean perfect scores in the finale.

His Routines Are Memorable

When it comes to his charisma and the show he and Jenna know how to put on, Adam can't be beaten. The routines he and Jenna have brought to the floor have been fun, creative, and full of energy, and it's likely that they'll definitely make sure to have a freestyle which stands out—and the freestyle routines are often the deciders when it comes to who wins.


His Pro Isn't As Well-Known

The pros winning has become just as important to fans of the show as their chosen celebrity, and the ones who have been in the competition for a while but never won a Mirrorball are the ones who fans want to see win most of the time. Though Jenna has yet to win, she's less seasoned of a pro compared to Sasha and Sharna, which could give an advantage to Tonya or Josh.

"Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.