Another celebrity will be able to call themselves a "Dancing With the Stars" champion after the Season 25 finale, and there are several good reasons to believe that the person who will do that is going to be Jordan Fisher.

The "Hamilton" and "Grease: Live!" Star, as well as his pro partner Lindsay Arnold, have been the team to beat throughout most of the ABC competition, landing in the top spot on the Leaderboard four times throughout the competition, including during the Semifinals, Now, he seems more poised than ever to win the Mirrorball, and there are several different reasons why he's likely to be crowned as the champion.


He Has Natural Talent

Though he has some decent amounts of training before he got to "Dancing With the Stars" in other forms of dance, Jordan proved that he wasn't a one-trick guy, adapting quickly to both Ballroom and Latin styles with ease. He hasn't really faltered throughout his run on the show, and it seems unlikely he's going to suddenly do so in the finale.

He's Been The One To Beat All Season

His skill has been evident throughout the season and reflected in the scores the judges have given him. While he hasn't always held the number one spot and has occasionally been knocked down to the second or third spot when his competitors have had a good week, there's been no question he's the celebrity who seemed destined to win. He received the first 10s of the season overall back in Week 4's Most Memorable Year night, and followed it up with the first perfect scores overall during Week 5's Disney night. Though Frankie and Lindsey have also achieved perfection before in their dances (and also received the first 9's of the competition before he did), they haven't quite recaptured those perfect scores since they initially received them, whereas Jordan has gone on to receive them multiple times.

He's Never Been In Jeopardy

Jordan's fan base has been keeping him not only afloat throughout the competition, but they've been keeping him safe from elimination. Like Lindsey, he has never once been in jeopardy during the show's eliminations, and it seems unlikely he's been in the bottom two all that often if he's still managed to make it as far as he has. If his fan base really is that strong, then he will have no problem getting the voted needed to push himself over the top.

He's Currently Tied For Having Most Amount Of Perfect Scores

Jordan is not only the first member of the Season 25 "Dancing With the Stars" cast to get 10s and perfect scores from the judges, but he's also on track to beat the record number of perfect scores a team has received from the judges throughout the show's history. He has a total of five perfect scores heading into the finals, a number that Season 21 champs Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough also had before their finals. They went on to score an additional three perfect scores, topping out at eight in total. Season 23 champs Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy also ended their season with eight perfect scores, after heading into the finals with six and receiving two additional perfect marks. Though Jordan may not wind up beating the record, he has a shot at doing so, as he will be performing four dances if he makes it through the night one's elimination. If he can perform all four dances during the finals, and gets perfect scores on each, he will officially hold the record with nine total perfect scores, and truly have a chance at beating his competitors for the Mirrorball.

He Has Lindsay As A Partner

Another massive advantage Jordan has going in is Lindsay Arnold as a partner. Fans like seeing pros who haven't yet won a Mirrorball get their chance to do so, and Lindsay is the only remaining pro who hasn't. Mark is long overdue for a win, but still has two total Mirrorball wins to his name. Similarly, Frankie's partner Witney Carson, and Drew Scott's partner Emma Slater, also have wins, with Emma reigning as the current champ.


Fans May Underestimate The Need To Vote

However, there is one thing which could derail the whole competition for the pair, and that could be their fans. Because of their high scores, the fans may fall into the mindset and trap that they don't have to necessarily vote for them, and they'll not only be safe, but crowned as the winners. However, that would be a fatal mistake for his fans to make, as there are ways each of his competitors coul get ahead if they receive more votes overall. Drew, while not the best dancer, has a huge fan base that has pushed him through to this point, as does Frankie, who has had the most growth on the show. Meanwhile, Lindsey is the last female celebrity standing, and that too could go a long way with voters.

The "Dancing With the Stars" Season 25 finale airs Monday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. EST and Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.