A former waitress at the Sticky’s Finger Joint in New York is suing one of the establishment’s owners, claiming he tricked her into eating shrooms and made her feel trippy in front of customers.

Sofie Rasmussen, the waitress, said the incident occurred late last year, when she was 19 years old. In court papers, she alleges that Sticky’s Finger Joint co-owner Paul Abrahamian told her to shut her eyes so she could taste a dish based off a new recipe.

“I was expecting chicken,” Rasmussen told the New York Post, but claimed she was given magic mushrooms instead, with Abrahamian allegedly forcing the waitress to devour the hallucinogenic drugs.

“It didn’t taste great. I was confused. I was like, what the f--- is this?” Rasmussen told the paper. “Then I realized what it was. I felt weird. I was floating. I really didn’t want to talk to customers. I was being goofy. I was tripping, and I had one or two hours left on my shift.”

Rasmussen, who quit in December 2012 after only three months of working at Sticky’s Finger Joint, said she then went to visit her boyfriend and was still feeling the effects of the shrooms.

“After my shift, I was still feeling weird for an hour or two,” she said. “I told my boyfriend what happened. He was very upset, of course.”

A co-owner of the establishment, Jonathan Sherman, denied the claims levied against the restaurant in Rasmussen’s suit.

“This is a false claim,” Sherman told the Post. “We are confident that we will be vindicated once it goes through the legal system.”