Taking multivitamin supplements during the late periods of pregnancy of a woman can place soon to be mothers at an increased risk of premature labor.

Previous studies revealed the beneficial effects of the over-the-counter prenatal supplements for mothers particularly those who are living in the developing countries.

According to a published study in the British Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, babies who are born to well-nourished women who were continuing the intake of prenatal pills into the third trimester are at a tripled risk of premature birth, usually before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

However, taking these multivitamins at any point during pregnancy did not increase the risk of giving birth to a low weight baby.

The study found out that the potential interactions found between the different minerals and vitamins may be responsible for the reduced levels of the nutrients required for the growing fetus.

Scientists have concluded that following a healthy diet is adequate for expectant mothers to have normal pregnancy.