• EA and Maxis have not yet announced "The Sims 5"
  • But, EA recently announced that it is looking for playtesters for its unannounced "The Sims" games
  • While it does not mention "The Sims 5," there is a chance that EA could be referring to the game that is subject for playtest

“The Sims 5” is one of the most anticipated titles from Electronic Arts that fans have been talking about it for several years. EA and Maxis have not yet made any official announcements about the game in the past, but the upcoming sequel never ran out of leaks and speculations. However, a recent announcement from EA could be a solid indication that the game might arrive sooner than most fans anticipate.

The official Twitter account of Electronic Arts posted a surprise announcement that could be related to “The Sims 5.” EA is now looking for Playtesters to help the gaming studio test new “The Sims” games. “Hey Simmers! EA Playtesting is looking for Sims fans to participate in their Playtest events! Playtesters get to play unreleased games before anyone else, give their feedback, and receive great rewards for doing it,” the tweet reads.

The word ‘unreleased games’ is something that excites “The Sims 5” fans. While the announcement does not directly say that it is about “The Sims 5,” it is highly likely that playtesters could get their hands first on the most anticipated “The Sims” sequel. Playtesting is a fun, but serious job, and EA would like participants to play its games and provide honest feedback based on their experiences.

Additionally, playtesters will receive rewards from EA along with first access to its unreleased games. The gaming studio is looking for all kinds of gamers, including hardcore, novice, casual, young, and old. Anyone who has played “The Sims” game is eligible to be EA’s playtester for the rumored “The Sims 5.”

EA has various playtest studios all over the world, but aspirants can participate even in the comfort of their homes. If you want to be a physical playtester, you can visit the nearest EA playtest studio near you; the list is available on the company’s official site. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that the announcement made by EA does not say anything about “The Sims 5.”

The unannounced “The Sims” game could be a totally new different title not related to “The Sims 5.” But, there is also a chance that it is already “The Sims 5” that EA wants to playtest. Unfortunately, we have no way of telling, and at this point, all we can do is to speculate about it. In this case, we recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt.