Siri Tells Boy to "Shut the F--k Up"
The iPhone 4S app told Charlie Le Quesne, 12, to "shut the f--k up, you ugly t--t." Apple has since launched an investigation into the Siri hack, likely the result of local pranksters at the Conventry store. NTI

A 12-year-old boy named Charlie Le Quesne got quite a shock when he was trying out an iPhone 4S at a Tesco store in Coventry, UK: as he was testing out Siri, the Apple phone's personal assistant, the phone told him to shut the f--k up, you ugly t--t.

Apple staffers plan to launch a full investigation, but it's likely that pranksters programmed the phone to replace the user's name with four letter words.

'I thought I must be hearing things.'

Le Quesne's mother Kim, 39, told The Sun that the phone was a demo version, low enough on the shelf for her little boy to try out. But when he asked it, How many people are there in the world? Siri turned ugly.

He asked it a simple question, Kim Le Quesne's mother marveled. We couldn't believe the filth it came out with.

Siri, currently on the iPhone 4S, has been known to give some crazy answers when users pose an unusual question. But no one in the Apple store was prepared when Siri told 12-year-old Charlie to shut the f--k up and called him an ugly t--t.

I thought I must be hearing things, Kim Le Quesne said. So we asked it again and the same four-letter stuff blared out.

How Pranksters Did It

Apple staff told Charlie' mother that the iPhone 4S has been tampered with by pranksters, who'd hacked the personal assistant to make it say an obscene seven-word phrase rather than the phone user's name, as it's programmed to do.

Reprogramming Siri to call you a different name (or to prank a child) is as easy as saying Call me... and then filling in your name, and pranksters at the Conventry Apple store took full advantage of that fact.

Apple to Investigate: 'I couldn't see the funny side.'

Staffers at the store have since launched an investigation into the incident, and have apologized to Charlie and his mother. The Siri-iPhone 4S handset will be going back to Apple for diagnostic tests, and employees say that the equipment will be more closely monitored from now on.

Though many find the Siri hack amusing, Kim Le Quesne is far from laughing about the incident. I asked for the manager, she fumed. I couldn't see the funny side.

For more crazy Siri slip-ups, check out 10 Crazy Question You Can Ask Siri on iPhone 4S. And if you're planning to punk an Apple customer with a similar trick, remember: best not to do it where a 12-year-old can be told to shut the f--k up.