According to doctors, anyone who has a skull fracture must undergo an immediate surgery at once, but Mr. Andrew Lamble is still waiting for an operation after 3 years at the Gold Coast Hospital since 2006.

Minister Paul Lucas from Queensland Health feels that 3 years has been a long wait and has now offered whatever appropriate treatment is fitted for Mr. Lamble's condition.

I've asked the CEO of the Gold Coast Health Service to meet with Mr Lamble and with his wife to make sure that if there is anything we need to do for them, if there is surgery warranted in the public sector, we are more than happy to do that. Mr. Lucas said.

In 2006, Gold Coast Hospital inserted a metal plate into his skull after being injured by a metal pole in December 2006. According to the results of his latest MRI scan last year, two discs were protruding into his spinal cord which needs an urgent spinal surgery.

A public surgery has been offered by Queensland Health to Mr. Lamble by the end of this month, but there is no fixed schedule yet. Because of this, friends and supporters are now raising funds to pay for Mr. Lamble's private treatment instead.

An estimated cost of $20,000 is expected for his private operation, despite Mr. Lucas' offering.

Mrs. Lucas, who has been diagnosed with a brain cyst, said that his husband has lost faith in the public health system which made his family unable to cope with so much stress due to their long wait.

They should have picked up on it a lot earlier than they did but they didn't and I'm the one that had to suffer for it...It's been a struggle and it's been too long. Mrs. Lucas said